-Proposed Refurbishiment of O.R Tambo School of Leadership, Kaweweta Uganda
-Mary Wood College Masaka

The school structure designs emphasis that buildings need to respond to changes in curriculum, school organization, staffing and technology requirements. In the short term, they provide the flexibility to rearrange furniture and equipment and lay out rooms in different ways. In the long term, they allow internal walls to be moved to create different sizes and suites of rooms.The design reports, which describe the way each design job generates solutions in planning, construction, environmental and cost terms are available on request.  ACCURA LTD has had deep involvement in the education sector, partnering with the Ministry of Education and Sports to enhance the quality of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education facilities in Uganda. The design and construction of facilities for Mary Wood College in Masaka is a major project where we are providing professionalism of high quality and integrity.